173 A.C. - A.G.M.
Annual General Meeting
Saturday 10th March 2018 at the Rolls Royce Welfare Club
Dave Gwilliam
Members Present
Ian Cadd, Andy Lunn, Rob Fisher, Dave Wall, Mark Burrows, Andy Lunn, Steve Walmsley.
Secretarys Report
The Secretary reported that due to fewer members last season the attendance at matches was dissapointing and that money was being wasted on pegs fees..
The lack of members was causing some concern to the committee and due to the fall in Subs revenue there was not enough money in reserve to book fixtures for the forthcoming season and that is why the AGM was brougt forward to March.
Treasurers Report
Ian reported that the club was struggling financially and was hopefull that we can recruit a few more members for the forthcoming season.
Subs were discussed and it was deemed that increasing them to £60 might deter new members joining and so the subs will remain at £50 for this season.
He suggested dropping the Golden Peg as this was being won on a regular basis and eating into the clubs finances. A vote was taken and the Golden Peg will be dropped for the new season.
Instead of the Golden Peg it was suggested by Ian that we should increase the pools to £5, thus giving a bigger payout at each match, this was voted on and carried.
The cost of the engraving of the trophies was also raised by Ian and after a discussion it was felt that until the club was back up to strength i.e 15 to 20 members we shall put the trophies into storage (in Ians garage!). Certificates will replace the trophies for this season. This was passed unanimously.
Election of Officials
The officials and committee will remain the same as last season.
Any Other Business
The Secretary asked the floor if there were any objections to renaming the Opening trophy and the Closing trophy to the Jim Antrobus Cup and the John Webb Cup respectively. There being no objections the trophies will be renamed and engraved when they come out of retirement in the future.
The venues for the forthcoming season were discussed and a list of fisheries drawn up.
The secretary will start to book venues as the Subs start to roll in!
Marstons Pool at Barrow was suggested as the first venue and it was also suggested that it was fished on a Sunday.