Raise the alarm
If your smoke alarms goes off while you are asleep, don't investigate to see if there is a fire. shout to wake everyone up, get everyone together, follow your plan and get out.

Check doors with the back of your hand - if they are warm, do not open them, the fire is on the other side.

If their is a lot of smoke, crawl along with your nose near the floor where the air will be cleaner.
Escaping from a window
If you are on the ground floor or first floor you may be able to escape from a window. If you have to break the window, cover the jagged glass with towels or thick bedding.

Throw some more bedding out of the window to break your fall. Don't jump out of the window - lower yourself down to arm's length and drop to the ground.

If you have any children or elderly or disabled people with you, plan the order you will escape in so that you can help them down.
Don't go back inside your home
Call the Fire Brigade from a mobile phone, a neighbour's  house or a phone box. give the address of the fire.

Don't stop or go back for anything.
What to do if your escape route is blocked
Get everyone into one room and close the door. Smoke and fumes can kill people quickly, so put bedding or towels along the bottom of the door to seal the gap.

Open the window and stay near it for fresh air and to let the firefighters see you.

Phone the Fire brigade or shout for help so that someone else can phone for you.
To save your
life in a fire:
if your alarm goes off in the night don't investigate - wake others and get out, following your plan;
don't open any doors that feel warm;
don't stop or go back for anything - phone the Fire Brigade; and
if you can't get out, stay together in one room, close the door and wait to be rescued.