Ascot Drive Fire Station was the largest of the three stations serving the city of Derby, the other two stations being Kingsway and Nottingham Road.

The station covers the south of the city and surrounding suburbs, the area covered being approximately 6.3 square miles. One Water Ladder pumping appliance is manned 24 hours a day.

The station was built on the site of an old army camp and opened in 1963 as the new headquarters of the then Derby Borough Fire Brigade, but since amalgamation in 1974 with the Derbyshire County Fire Service, it became the headquarters of 'D' Division, Derbyshire Fire Service.

Subsequently, Derbyshire Fire & Rescue Service is now controlled by a unitary body, the Derbyshire Fire Authority, made up from the Derby City and the Derbyshire County Councils.

The station is on 24 hour callout, and is staffed by 28 wholetime firefighters. with seven personnel on each of the watches, consisting of 1 Watch Manager, 1 Crew Manager and 5 Firefighters, the crews working in the usual four watch system,
i.e. 2 x 12 Hour Days, 2 x 12 Hour Nights, 4 Off.