Plan together now
If your smoke alarm went
off in the night would you know what to do?
These pages explain how to
make a fire action plan for
your home. Read them now
- it could save lives.
Take everyone into account
Make your fire action plan with everyone in
your household, escpecially children and
elderly or disabled people.
Your best escape route is your normal way in and out of your home
Decide on a different route as well, in case the normal one is blocked

Keep all escape routes clear.
Tell everyone in your household where you keep your door and window keys
When it's safer to stay in your home
You can be safe as well as secure if you make sure that anyone who needs to get out in an emergency can easily open doors and windows.
If your escape route is blocked, it may be safer to stay put and protect yourself until the Fire Brigade arrives.

Find a suitable room now.
Choose one with a window that opens and, if possible, a phone so that you can call 999.

If the staris in a block of flats are blocked by fire or smoke don't use the lift. Stay calm and go back inside your flat - it's designed to keep fire out.

Close the door and follow the safety steps in this leaflet.
When you make your
fire action plan:
always include children and
elderly and disabled people;
choose the best escape route and another way out, and keep them clear;
tell everyone where the door and window keys are; and
If you would like free advice on making your fire action plan, contact your local Fire Brigade.
The number is in your local phone book.
if you can't escape, it's safer to stay in your home, protect yourself, and wait to be rescued.